Oser’s Dairy and Deli

Oser’s Dairy began as a family business in 1954. The Oser family started it with products from their farm. It was purchased in 2004 by Ann and George Conkle who knew the Oser family and their vision. Today we have many kinds of soft serve ice creams as well as over 50 hard dip flavors. In addition we have soups, salads and subs to choose from. We are known for the size of our cones…the large soft serve is a half gallon of ice cream skillfully crafted on a cone! We are open all year round and 7 days a week. Typical hours are 7am to 9 or 10pm based on the season.



Cherry Street Creamery

Founded in 1999 by Lea and Ernie Hornak, Cherry Street Creamery has been serving it’s homemade frozen Kustard to the Canal Fulton community for nearly 15 years.

By using old fashion batch custard machines, Cherry Street recreates the same old fashion ice cream that was once served at Euclid Beach Park.

It’s here where you can find flavors such as their signature Chocolate Almond, Butter Pecan and Pistachio. In 2013 Cherry Street created launched a new line of flavors including “Fat Elvis” which consists of Banana Kustard with pieces of bacon mixed within. A must try for any Elvis lovers.

In 2012 Cherry Street Creamery was voted in the top 5 for “Best Ice Cream” in the Akron Beacon Journal’s “Beacon’s Best”.

Not only known for it’s Ice Cream, Cherry Street Creamery also has an amazing reputation for its Hot Dog’s and Sandwiches. It’s here where one can enjoy Chicago Dog’s, Hamburgers and their latest creation, Panini’s.


Pav’s Creamery

Purchased in 1978 by Bill and Claire Micochero, Pav’s Creamery has been serving Portage Lakes with its original homemade Kustard to it’s loyal customers for over 33 years.

Today, Pav’s is operated and owned by their daughter, Michelle, who uses the same old fashion 1910 batch custard machines which were once used at the Euclid Beach Amusement Park.

These vintage machines are the secret to Pav’s success as they were built according to an older standard that added significantly less air to ice cream. What makes it more unique is that they’re the last of their kind.

In 2011 and 2012 Pav’s Creamery was voted The Akron Beacon Journal’s “Beacon Best” for the area’s Best Ice Cream. An award which was never won by a non-franchised Ice Cream business until now. Pav’s was also voted 1st place for “Things to Do For Under $10”.

Pav’s Creamery has quite the selection with Pav’s Kustard, Pav’s Gelato and Pav’s Hard Ice Cream.

Pav’s homemade Frozen Kustard is a very thick, creamy frozen dessert made with 10% butter fat, sugar and various imported flavoring. Normally frozen custard is made with eggs however Pav’s does not make their Custard this way therefore they spell their custard with a “K”.

Pav’s uses old fashion 1910 Soeder’s and Son that were once used at Euclid Beach Park. These vintage machines are the secret to Pav’s authentic taste as these machines are the last of their kind.

In 2012 Pav’s Creamery partnered up with Fabbri and created a Gelato range of flavors which were immediately in various Italian Restaurants throughout Ohio. In the Gelato world, Fabbri is known for it’s high quality and authentic ingredients within their flavors. Since 1905, Fabbri has mastered the art of Gelato flavors and combined with our machines, Fabbri and Pav’s is a match made in Gelato heaven. While the flavors are imported out of Bologna Italy, Pav’s makes their Gelato fresh and is proud to have it served in restaurants such as Gervasi’s, Vacarro’s and Due Amici.

Open daily from 12pm to 9pm!


Durbin Magic Freeze

Jack and June Durbin opened the Magic Freeze in 1953, right next door to Jack’s tire store. The tire store has long since gone, but Durbin Magic Freeze still stands in its original location, and is still a family owned business.
Son, Dan Durbin took over the Magic Freeze when his father retired, and hopes that his son will keep the Durbin tradition alive for many more generations to come.

Our fans say we’re the best:
Voted Barberton Herald Best Ice Cream
Delicious soft serve ice cream!
The BEST Hot Fudge!
Scrumptious hard ice cream!
Yummy Sundaes, Cyclones, Shakes and more…
Handmade ice cream cakes for every occasion!
We even cater special events!