Maher Brothers Auto Repair

Maher Brothers is owned and operated by Corey and Darryl Maher. they have been operating at this location since May of 1998. Maher brothers was previously known as Curt’s Car Care. Maher Brothers is a DVC Holdings Company

Maher Brothers Auto Repair is a Family Owned, AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility located in Wickliffe Ohio for over 13 years. Darryl and Corey purchased Curt’s Car Care From their mom’s cousin, their second cousin Curt in May 1998.

Darryl worked for Mullinax Ford, a Local Ford Dealer for over 13 years prior to starting Maher Brothers Auto Repair. Darryl is a graduate of St. Joseph Catholic High School in Cleveland, and NBC Tech of Lima. He is married to Valerie, they have a son named Kenneth. Darryl loves to work on Fords and has a special place in his heart for any kind of Mustang, he loves them.

Corey is a graduate of Willoughby South High School, and a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Corey is married to Holly and they have two children Rylee and Connor. Corey enjoys boating and has always had a thing for Volkswagens. Corey’s first car was a bug, he never got to drive that car much while he was in the Army, it was always in some state of repair. He purchased a used Corrado around the same time, which he still has today. Corey has recently been bitten by the mustang bug. Corey’s son Connor is also all about cars as well he loves to play cars and monster trucks.

Maher Brothers is a family owned and operated repair facility that treats every client like family. They are not a transaction business, they are a relationship business. From the minute you come in the door, you are welcomed with a smile. Most of the time your vehicle will be worked on by the same technician, as they really try to get to know each and every one of their clients and their vehicle. Maher Brothers has a very low turnover rate and is a drug free work place.
We do not specialize in any one type of vehicle. We are able to work on all car makes and models. Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and Jeep we have the factory tools. Honda, Toyota, VW, Volvo, Hyundai and other imports we have the tools to maintain and diagnosis your vehicle. We are your one stop complete auto repair service and tire shop.

Our Promise to you is to inspect your vehicle every time you come in for service and advice you on what is needed to repair your vehicle now and (in the near future) what is coming up. We will never force or use scare tactics to sell a job. We do not try to sell you work or products you do not need. Darryl or Corey are always on the Premise to help with any issues. Maher Brothers stand behind their repairs with a great warranty and they will make sure you are fully satisfied with all our work. They will not hide behind a warranty and they will only do repairs that they can give a warranty with.

Darryl and Corey truly want your vehicle to last over 100,000 miles. They are in the maintenance business as most of the clients that maintain their vehicles, are not having as many high repair bills. Maher Brothers offers most services, bumper to bumper. They have been in the business for 14 years, with more than 26 years’ experience. If it has to do with your car and they cannot fix it, they know where to send you.

There are no strings attached. We do what we say we will do, with no high pressure sales tactics. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.



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