Altieri’s Pizza

Earl and Joann Altieri opened their first pizza shop in March of 1965. Altieri’s Pizza was located in the building that was in front of Marhofer Chevrolet on Kent Rd., affectionately known to Stowites as the “Blue Building”. It was Stow’s only pizza shop at that time. Altieri’s Pizza was extremely successful due to Earl’s great recipes made with quality products. In the early years, it was not unusual to find Earl and Joann in the shop together with employees making sure each pizza was “justa right”. The pizza shop was expanded to a Altieri’s Restaurant in March of 1969 “justa” up the street. Altieri’s Villa, a fine dining restaurant and Earl’s baby, was opened in March 1974 at the corner of Darrow Rd. and Arndale. Altieri’s Zipizza was opened at the University of Akron’s Gardner Student Center in January of 1977. In January of 1979, Altieri’s Pizza & Pasta and Wimpey’s Burgers & Spuds opened in Rolling Acres Mall Food Court. The secret to all the expansion was great food and better service. Each of their children, Dennis, Mary and Patrick, all worked and managed the restaurants. Grandchildren Kelley, Dominick and Tony worked for the restaurants in high school and college. Many former employees have gone on in the food business and opened their own restaurants and many others have been very successful in their chosen fields.

November 1998, Altieri’s Pizza was opened “justa” up the street from tje Blue Building in Stow Plaza by son, Dennis Altieri. Altieri’s Pizza uses the same original recipes and same high standards, made “justa” the way you like. Don’t be surprised to see some former employees or children of former employees giving the same friendly service, preparing your food “justa” right!

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t Altieri’s Pizza deliver that great food?” Well, our pizzas, chicken, wings, pastas, subs and salads are so good we don’t have to. Besides, we love seeing you!!



2 thoughts on “Altieri’s Pizza

  1. Best sauce around!!! Couldn’t ask for friendlier employees either. Best pizza in the area!!!

  2. this is our go to for one we want something yummy and we know it is going to be high quality and delicious.

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