Cherry Street Creamery

Founded in 1999 by Lea and Ernie Hornak, Cherry Street Creamery has been serving it’s homemade frozen Kustard to the Canal Fulton community for nearly 15 years.

By using old fashion batch custard machines, Cherry Street recreates the same old fashion ice cream that was once served at Euclid Beach Park.

It’s here where you can find flavors such as their signature Chocolate Almond, Butter Pecan and Pistachio. In 2013 Cherry Street created launched a new line of flavors including “Fat Elvis” which consists of Banana Kustard with pieces of bacon mixed within. A must try for any Elvis lovers.

In 2012 Cherry Street Creamery was voted in the top 5 for “Best Ice Cream” in the Akron Beacon Journal’s “Beacon’s Best”.

Not only known for it’s Ice Cream, Cherry Street Creamery also has an amazing reputation for its Hot Dog’s and Sandwiches. It’s here where one can enjoy Chicago Dog’s, Hamburgers and their latest creation, Panini’s.



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