Pav’s Creamery

Purchased in 1978 by Bill and Claire Micochero, Pav’s Creamery has been serving Portage Lakes with its original homemade Kustard to it’s loyal customers for over 33 years.

Today, Pav’s is operated and owned by their daughter, Michelle, who uses the same old fashion 1910 batch custard machines which were once used at the Euclid Beach Amusement Park.

These vintage machines are the secret to Pav’s success as they were built according to an older standard that added significantly less air to ice cream. What makes it more unique is that they’re the last of their kind.

In 2011 and 2012 Pav’s Creamery was voted The Akron Beacon Journal’s “Beacon Best” for the area’s Best Ice Cream. An award which was never won by a non-franchised Ice Cream business until now. Pav’s was also voted 1st place for “Things to Do For Under $10”.

Pav’s Creamery has quite the selection with Pav’s Kustard, Pav’s Gelato and Pav’s Hard Ice Cream.

Pav’s homemade Frozen Kustard is a very thick, creamy frozen dessert made with 10% butter fat, sugar and various imported flavoring. Normally frozen custard is made with eggs however Pav’s does not make their Custard this way therefore they spell their custard with a “K”.

Pav’s uses old fashion 1910 Soeder’s and Son that were once used at Euclid Beach Park. These vintage machines are the secret to Pav’s authentic taste as these machines are the last of their kind.

In 2012 Pav’s Creamery partnered up with Fabbri and created a Gelato range of flavors which were immediately in various Italian Restaurants throughout Ohio. In the Gelato world, Fabbri is known for it’s high quality and authentic ingredients within their flavors. Since 1905, Fabbri has mastered the art of Gelato flavors and combined with our machines, Fabbri and Pav’s is a match made in Gelato heaven. While the flavors are imported out of Bologna Italy, Pav’s makes their Gelato fresh and is proud to have it served in restaurants such as Gervasi’s, Vacarro’s and Due Amici.

Open daily from 12pm to 9pm!



49 thoughts on “Pav’s Creamery

  1. Have been going to Pav’s Creamery since I was a little girl…love, love, love it. And now my boys love it too. Favorite place to go for dessert!

  2. I’ve been going to Pav’s ever since I was a little girl! And even though I live in Massillon now, I still make the trek throughout the summer for their ice cream! Favs include Kahlua, Pumpkin, Strawberry, and Black Raspberry. Really looking forward to trying Banana Biscotti this year!

  3. Growing up on the west side of Barberton, Durbins was the place to go .. but now l live near Portage Lakes and must say that Pav’s has won me over .. .. I’m ‘ nuts’ for Nuts Over Coconut !

  4. Pav’s has the best soft serve kustard that you will ever taste in your life. They always have coupons, groupons, etc. To try and save their loyal customers a couple bucks! The BEST ice cream around!

  5. BEST kustard & ice cream! If you haven’t tried this awesome treat, you really need to. They change their featured flavor every week, and I haven’t found one yet that I wouldn’t recommend. My favorite for sure, and best part is that their flavors are also available in several local restaurants as well as the Acme grocery stores, so you can enjoy year round.

  6. Pav’s Creamery is by far the best place within the Akron Canton area. I’ve tried them all and Pavs outshines them all. Great flavors, generous sizes and reasonable prices.

  7. There’s something different about Pav’s. I don’t find myself wanting just any old ice cream, I specifically crave Pav’s ice cream. Definitely the best ice cream!

  8. O my, not sure which is our favorite, Nuts over Coconut, Chocolate Almond, or Chocolate Raspberry. Just glad our nearby Acme carries them all!

  9. I love their ice cream!! I moved out of the area, however I am sure I will be down there to get some ice cream!!! They have the best ice cream, and the staff is so nice and patient when you don’t really know what you want because of all the choices! All I can say is Pav’s please cream me!! LOL

    • They now sell their Ice Cream at Acme on Manchester Rd. If you know anyone in the area you could always have them mail you some of it.

  10. Pav’s is the best i am new to area an have to say it is the best ice cream around, an its even better because i can go to acme an get my daughters fav -banana that is 2 min from me and thats a plus for when pav’s closes for the winter!!!

  11. This just jogged a memory for me. One of the first outings for our new baby was Pav’s back in 1979! He was too little to eat any, but throughout the years, he made up for it LOL!!!! While there, I ran into an old friend with his new baby girl. How years fly by, but the great taste of Pav’s has never changed. EMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!!!!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Ice cream and visit your place a few times a week… wish you were open year round as we LOVE Ice cream…especially your’s!…Thank you for such great service and Ice cream!!!!

  13. Love Pav’s!! They have great ice cream and very generous servings! Asked for a sample once and it was like a scoop! 🙂

    • I moved to the area 6 years ago & PAVS is definitely the best there is! I diet all week just so I can enjoy PAVS delicious & awesome flavors all week end. Iti well worth the fasting all week just to enjoy PAVS on the weekend! I woudn’t have it any other way! I LOVE PAVS! #1 by far!

  14. There is NOTHING like QUALITY when it comes to ice cream. We live in North Canton and could go to any number of ice cream places but we drive up to Pav’s ! It’s so worth the trip.

  15. Pav’s has the best ice cream in town our favorite is Chocolate Cherry coconut or Khaula our favorite stop after my daughter’s softball game. 🙂

  16. I’ve been enjoying Pav’s since my tween years. No one else even comes close to the delicious flavors, creamy texture, and fabulous prices that Pav’s has. I love the pumpkin, strawberry, pistachio (that they spell with an S instead of a C), butter pecan, and nuts over coconut. Combine one of those in a turtle and you’ve got heaven in a cup. Every size cone to fit each person’s appetite, too. I can’t say enough good stuff about the GREAT stuff at Pav’s!

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