Integrity Auto Care Center

Integrity Auto Care Center was founded in September of 2010 here in Stow. From the moment our doors opened, we aspired to challenge ourselves to always keep our core values at the end of our shirt sleeve as we met new friends and shook a lot of hands.

You can go anywhere, sometimes on any corner, and find someone to look at your car & offer suggestions as to what would be necessary to make it run great. Why would you come to us? What sets us apart and makes us your first choice? Why should you even give us a chance to earn your trust & your business?

Shortly after we began offering our service, it was apparent to everyone we met that we are a different kind of auto repair company and we’re motivated differently than other shops. We were nominated in the Fox8 Akron Hot List contest in the “Best Repair” category, and won first place out of over 100 competitors, an honor we’ve enjoyed for two consecutive years now. People come to us because they trust us, it’s just that simple.

We’ve got a few catch phrases you can often hear us use around the shop, not the least of which pertains to our attitude about estimates. Everyone that comes to our counter can expect a free, written estimate with absolutely no obligation. “If you don’t like what you see on the estimate, you can ball it up and toss it back at us, and we can still be friends!” After all, we didn’t make your car & we didn’t break your car…we’re just here to help.



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