Healthy Glow Custom Airbrush Tanning

Healthy Glow was founded seven years ago when the co-owner Michelle was diagnosed with lupus, which was triggered from spending years baking in the sun and going to tanning beds to get the best possible tan. She could no longer be in the sun, and because tanning makes us look and feel better about ourselves… Michelle and her mom Cheryl who is also a partner sought out a way to stay tan year round for themselves and the many other people who cannot or choose not to be in the sun or go into tanning beds. Since then Michelle and Cheryl have been tanning and perfecting their system. You get a very natural looking tan (does not leave you looking orange) without the stickiness or odor in under 15 minutes.

Healthy Glow opened their doors in Jan 2008 and is the first exclusive airbrush tanning salon in the area. We are a very clean environment, and make everyone of our clients feel very comfortable.

You are never to young or old to get that healthy glow.



One thought on “Healthy Glow Custom Airbrush Tanning

  1. the salon is clean and the staff is friendly. i loved the results as well. i would recommend this salon to anyone!

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