Old 97 Cafe

‘STOP 97’was the last trolley stop in Akron, and the Old 97, a local pub since the 40’s ,was ready with a drink and a seat to welcome locals and travelers alike. Today, with a completely renovated interior and a trendy new cocktail menu, Old 97 Cafe is ready to be a stop on your journey again! Open Thursday through Saturday, we’re gearing up for fall , a fire in the firepit, an outdoor patio bar, grill, bocce ball court, ping pong and corn hole games as well as our traditional dart board. Our full bar can easily supply all the old classics, and for the beer drinkers, we offer a daily selection of interesting local and seasonal , international and microbrews. The wine selection is superb and ever-changing.

You won’t find another bar quite like us no matter how far you travel; the drinks and atmosphere are worth checking out. Where else can you listen to jazz music, watch classic movies on the bar TV, relax in our warm, candle-lit lounge, and sample drinks invented especially for you?

Among our other qualities, Old 97 welcomes private parties. For some special events, we will close the pub to the public and focus on you , your friends and family to provide personlized service insuring a memorable occasion for all your guests.



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