Durbin Magic Freeze

Jack and June Durbin opened the Magic Freeze in 1953, right next door to Jack’s tire store. The tire store has long since gone, but Durbin Magic Freeze still stands in its original location, and is still a family owned business.
Son, Dan Durbin took over the Magic Freeze when his father retired, and hopes that his son will keep the Durbin tradition alive for many more generations to come.

Our fans say we’re the best:
Voted Barberton Herald Best Ice Cream
Delicious soft serve ice cream!
The BEST Hot Fudge!
Scrumptious hard ice cream!
Yummy Sundaes, Cyclones, Shakes and more…
Handmade ice cream cakes for every occasion!
We even cater special events!



25 thoughts on “Durbin Magic Freeze

  1. Best Ice Cream ANYWHERE in the Akron/Canton area, hands down! Quality and price can’t be beat! Why go some place else and pay outrageous prices for cheap products? You can have it all at Durbin’s!

  2. I have been going to Durbin’s for 58 years and in those years I have tried MANY different ice cream establishments, none that come close to the taste and texture of Durbin’s custards. I have taken and introduced many people to their custards, and my favorite their hot fudge peanut butter sundaes, and now they are return customers! My husband and I retired to southern Ohio but we have several family members still in the Akron, Barberton area. We look so forward to going to Magic Freeze when we go up to our daughter’s or son’s house. I hope they continue on for years and years and will always be #1 with us.

  3. Durbin’s Rocks! We have been getting Durbin’s ice cream for 15 years now. They have the best ice cream. And the cost is unbelievably affordable! They are always generous with their Sundae toppings and cyclone ingredients. Keep up the great work!

  4. Best Hot fudge and best custard ANYWARE ! In the fall you can have pumpkin custard with caramel and hot fudge topped with pecans WHAT ?????? So good !!!!!!~

  5. Durbin Magic Freeze is a hard place to avoid, the milk shakes are sooo good in fact truly the best I ever had and I had a lot of them from a lot of different places.

  6. Best Icecream round here. Been going since I was young. For some reason the chocolate soft ice cream is almost always too melty, sometimes can’t even eat it on a cone. The chocolate ice cream fell off the kids cone because it was too soft, then got yelled at by the owner. He even cussed in front of some kids. Icecream is delicious, just needs to work on his communication skills.

  7. I have found that other ice cream stores are pricey but yet they do not have good quality or size to them. At durbins, you can get a large cone or bowl for the same price of a small anywhere else. And durbins ice cream has more quality flavor to it.

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