Salon Rootz, Inc.

Salon Rootz is an award-winning L’Oreal Professional Salon providing world class hair and nail services. They are artisans with a driving work ethic, expansive heart and effervescent creativity that will exceed your expectations with every visit.

Salon Rootz celebrated its 7 year anniversary in December of 2012.  They have doubled in size since opening in 2005.  “We’ve created our dream by believing in each other and all the support from family, staff, and friends along the way”.  Jen and Sheila have a wonderful dynamic between the two of them, which makes it easy and challenging to maintain a business relationship as well as their friendship.  “Friendship always comes first with us, we promised each other the day we signed the contract, we were a family first and we will always be a family”.

The growth of the salon has been a possibility of two friends who believe in each other no matter how hard life can be.  With one of the girls being “the dreamer, and the imagination”, the other being the “realist and the strength” they will always find a way to keep the positive energy that flows daily at Salon Rootz.

“We believe in family and friends.  We believe in education and knowledge.  We believe in building our dreams each and everyday with the people we work with and the plans we have made”.

“Thank you” for all the love and support through the years, we hope to keep making the world a more beautiful place one head at a time.  “Thank you” for giving Salon Rootz the possibility to grow each and every day!!!

With a full list of services they are sure to please!



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